Shiori Curvy Japanese Body Smothered in Ecchi Oil!

Big butt lovers will instantly notice Shiori "little bit of extra" in her posterior. That said, what makes her bubble-butt so sexy is just that: it maintains a nice, juicy, round shape no matter what. Do you fantasize being smothered between Shiori firm butt cheeks? Can you hear it beckoning to you for a squeeze? Well, as you can see, we couldn keep our hands to ourselves... so that when the oil made an appearence. We decided the best thing to make Shiori curvy features pop even more would be to slicken her flawless skin so it shines really bright when the sun catches it. Actually, I lied. Those are not my paws on her perky nipples, but I wish they were. While I didn have a chance to touch her sexy nakedness, I can complain about being there to capture it all with my trusty chakuero camera.