Rika Seduces with a Nude Poolside Frolic!

As soon as Rika took to the poolside wearing that sexy white bikini, it was if time had come to a screeching halt. Her movements were so smooth, elegant and radiant... it was if she?d been blessed by the heavens above. Honestly, when it comes to capturing chakuero idols on camera, I tend to like girls with hair that long and flowing as it can really help spice up the variety of poses. Rika was all set though... she totally aced all the sexy shots we could think of with a confidence we don see too often. From poses like the classic t-back thong shot, to tight cameltoe kuikomi, Rika was incredible. Now Im beginning to really like girls with shorter hair (thanks Rika). If you think these shots are hot, there a ton more in this photos shoot -- so come on in and see what more Rika can do for you!