Ayane T-Back Cutie Booty Tease Adventure

The scorching Tokyo summer is in full swing, and there no better time to capture CKE18 girls in their sexy, tight-fitting, seasonal attire. We invited Ayane-chan over for a shoot and she came prepared with a cute and frilly sun dress that hugged her petite frame quite nicely. The aluring curves of her firm, b-cup-sized breasts could be seen nestling behind the white lacing of her brown top. What more though, is underneath that swishy skirt was an ivory-white t-back thong strapped to one of the finest butts we ever seen on a Japanese babe. It was just waiting to be ogled. As we got into the shoot with several warmup poses, things quickly began to heat up as she exposed her bubble-icious booty from underneath her skirt and began teasing us. In typical Ayane fashion, she made our work easy by taking charge and removing articles of her clothing once outside.