Haruka Has a Wet Thong Under that Dress!

If you in to sweet and innocent looking Japanese girls, don think for a minute that they don have wild and ecchi fantasies. Haruka is a good girl in real life but her mind was so full of crazy ideas, she found herself in the chakuero studio to release the tension. Did we mind? Of course not! That what we here for ;) You can think of us as the ghost busters of tease wwww. When there something wet in your hentai panties, who ya gonna call? CKE18! It not an easy job though. When I first met Haruka I thought she was just going to waste our time and disappear before we even had a chance to shoot. That happens a lot... Japanese girls get nervous and realize they aren ready for their fantasies to become real. Luckily for us though, Haruka came through