That Toy Just Kept Spinning Around!

Uri was downright nervous to shoot this video... understandably so. The size of the vibrating toy was bigger than anything she normally played with and that assuming she played with anything at all besides her own tiny hands. As she straddled the ball, her legs were spread wide open and ready to accept the intimidating chakuero treat as best she could. Before proceeding however, I warmed her up with my finger. She was so hot and wet inside and unbelievably tight. I really worried the toy wouldn go in. When it finally did, I started worrying again! Normally when you stick a toy in a girl, it slides right back out. Uri was so tight though, the toy just kept spinning around and around stuck in her little hole. I shot a lot of Japanese girls but the toy always slid out. Have you ever seen a toy get stuck?! Uri is so hentai!