Challenge: Tickle Play Becomes Too Real!

Ayane is exactly the Japanese girl you would have imagined secretly fooling around with in a hotel, especially after the way she caught your eye at the reception desk during that first interview. After securing the job, your fantasy has become a reality. Now you need to do everything you can to keep your colleagues from find out you shagging the white pants, camel toe, panty pants line secretary. There a no dating policy in place and they are very serious about enforcement. That a good thing though, with nobody knowing the two of you are casually hooking up, you free to explore other options. It your first time meeting at a hotel and as much as you want to savage her, you hold back so she can continue the teasing that been going on all week. Teasing her back might just be the way to start off and as you realize just how ticklish she is, you know it only a matter of time until your hands are all over and even inside this naughty girl.