Yuiko Strokes Until Your Camel Toe Dreams Come True!

It always fun to see what happens when we do the unexpected. Today we brought a bunch of watercolors, brushes, and paper to Yuiko-chan chakuero shoot. Instead of heading straight to the tea and snack platter we always have on set, she was instantly drawn to these curious and artistic tools just waiting to be explored. Wasting no time, she hopped into her skimpy white thong, threw on the red and white sthirt, plopped herself down at the table, and began to stroke away. After a few minutes, she had a really vivid and abstract image taking shape on the paper. I asked what she was painting. Yuiko replied, "It your dream... your dream of my camel toe." And as you can see, that dream proceeded to materialize before my very lens. Do you dream of Japanese teen camel toe, too?